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Pilates FAQs

New to Pilates?

Read answers to some common questions people ask.

Home Equipment

See online shopping links for the equipment and props used at the studio and in on-demand classes.

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What is Pilates?

Developed by Joseph Pilates (1880–1967) in the late 19th Century-early 20th Century and originally called "Contrology", Pilates is a system of mind-body exercise designed to optimize physical fitness in people at every level of physical ability. Born of parents who were a gymnast and Naturopath, respectively, Joseph's interest in fitness began as a way to help himself overcome his own ailments. He then honed his skills during WWI, helping prisoners of war regain strength and mobility. This is when he began the designing of a variety of Pilates apparatus (or equipment) still used today; most recognizable is the Reformer which utilizes a gliding carriage, pulley system and spring resistance. Later, in New York, Joseph continued his teaching and became popular with the professional dance community. Many of his disciples continued on the tradition of his teachings, training a new generation of instructors - some of whom have created contemporary Pilates training programs of their own which incorporate new modern science into the original exercises. Pilates can help people of all genders, ages and physical abilities to address strength, flexibility, endurance and posture with low impact, mindful exercises.

What do you mean by "integrated" Pilates?

"Integrated" Pilates refers to that while I teach exercises recognizable as Pilates and utilize a variety of Pilates equipments, I don't just teach Pilates. My movement background is varied as is my training (dance, contemporary Pilates, Fascial Movement Training, Franklin Method, and more) and I continue to evolve my teaching skills and techniques as I learn more. I then "integrate" all of this information into what looks a lot like a Pilates practice.

How do I access Livestream classes I've registered for?

Once you book a Livestream class, the zoom link to join the class is provided in your booking confirmation email. Additionally, you can login to the Seed website and go to "My Bookings"; next to the Livestream class will be a link to join class. Each class has its own unique link.

I have no experience with Pilates; where should I start?

How to start can look a little different for different people, depending on the individual needs and goals of the person. When in doubt, the best place to start is with one or more Private sessions in which you'll be able to learn the foundational principles along with safe and proper use of the equipment. Additionally, Private sessions allow you and the instructor to determine if any modifications are necessary for you based on your individual needs. Then, if you wish, you can switch to or add in group classes with confidence. If you prefer to schedule on your own time or have the session 100% programed for you, Privates or Semi Privates might be the way to go. If you prefer a group atmosphere and a more generalized program, group classes are the way to go. Group classes are also less costly, if that's a concern. If you're hoping to have Pilates multiple times a week, a combination of Private or Semi Private PLUS group classes is a great way to get the value of both while increasing your frequency.

Can I attend a Reformer class with no prior experience?

Before attending a Reformer based class, it's important to learn the basic usage of the Reformer as well as some foundational exercises. This will ensure a safer and more enjoyable class for you and the other participants. You may schedule a Private session to learn these skills; some students only need one Private session to learn what is necessary to attend a Reformer class, while others need more. Those with prior experience working on a Reformer may still want to schedule a Private session first, as usage of the equipment can vary slightly from brand to brand.

What if I am or become pregnant?

Pilates can be a great way to continue to move and exercise while pregnant - it can help the body to better handle the changes that occur in your body while also helping to prepare the body for giving birth as well as aiding recovery and for the new demands that will be placed on your body afterward (Post-Natal). During the first trimester, it is generally safe to continue attending group classes, however, once you enter the second trimester and into the third, there are some precautionary modifications that should be taken. As a result, it is not recommended you attend the group classes and instead opt for Private (or even Semi Private) sessions instead.

At this time, Seed does not offer and Pre-Natal specific group classes. If you have a group interested, please contact me to see if we can schedule one for your specific group.

Any form of exercise, including Pilates, while pregnant should be with doctor consent.

What if I have acute or chronic injuries or conditions that might impact my participation?

Pilates is very adaptable for a variety of injuries and conditions, however, some may not be recommended for group class participation as they may interfere with your or the other students ability to get the most out of class. Depending on the injury or condition, all that might be needed is one or more Private sessions to determine and learn any modification that might be helpful for you to participate in group class. Please contact me to discuss this further.

Does any of the equipment have a body weight limit?

Pilates is for ALL bodies and abilities, however, some of the equipment and props do have body weight limits which have been established by the manufacturers. For instance:

Large Stability Balls - rated for up to 550 lbs

V2 Max Plus Reformers - rated for up to 425 lbs

SPX Max Plus Reformer - rated for up to 350 lbs

BOSU Balance Trainer - rated for up to 350 lbs

Stability Chair - rated for up to 300 lbs

If your weight is within or exceeds any of these limits, YOU ARE NOT EXCLUDE YOU FROM PRACTICING PILATES. There are many exercise options we choose from when programing a useful and enjoyable session. If you have any concerns, please contact me to discuss them further.

Common Questions Answered

Home Equipment Suggestions

Links to equipment frequently used at Seed or recommended for home use with Seed On Demand are provided below.

NOTE: I have no affiliation with the companies and do not receive anything in return for my recommendation.

Airex Pilates Mat  - thicker mat for extra cushion but still rolls up to store out of the way

Merrithew Eco-Lux Pilates Mat - extra thick but still supportive in standing exercises

Resistance Bands (Non-Latex)



Extra Strength

Resistance Loop - Regular Strength

Soft Foam Roller - not too hard, not too soft, just the right pressure for myofascial release or adding dynamic challenge to your pilates practice

Full Length

Half Length

Merrithew Conditioning Towel


Mini Stability Ball

Small 7 inch

Medium 10 inch

Large 12 inch


Stability Ball - be sure to choose the size most appropriate for your height

Small Foam Block/Yoga Block

Seated Cushion & Balance Pad

Franklin Balls


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